POWER – Watt’s up

By definition, power is the product of strength and speed. When discussing power in terms of indoor cycling, it’s the resistance applied to the flywheel multiplied by the RPM (cadence) of pedaling. The equation looks like this:

Power = Resistance X Cadence.

Up until recently, measuring power was reserved for the elite outdoor cyclists who purchased this expensive computer-based tool for their bikes.  Its use allowed the rider to measure his/her output, and consequently,  enhance performance by adapting training methods.

Enter the indoor cycle designed to measure the power (expressed in watt’s) exerted by its rider (i.e.,  you). While we can’t tell you yet which particular cycle you will ride at InMotion, (follow us to be among the first to learn about that announcement) you can be sure its power meter represents one of the best tools for improving your general fitness and performance. Training with power will deliver the tangible results indoor cyclists have been looking for and outdoor cyclists are yearning to bring indoors.

Take a look at a sample ride profile, as viewed from our Big Screen as you ride. Another motivational tool that sets us apart from the rest and proves we are all about YOU.




2 responses to “POWER – Watt’s up

  1. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! So do we. Then we’ll see you for, what, maybe THREE in a row?:)

  2. Love it!!!! Love it!!!!! love it!!!! great people, hope you guys stay for a looooooong time…..cant wait to start some of the new classes

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