Free Ride and UNLIMITED Cycling is BACK!

Friends and Family, here’s the scoop- come back for an awesome ride on the only bikes in town with REAL Power. A FREE ride.

Remember that feeling you had when you had to “beat your watts” or ride more miles or when you achieved your personal best in distance, watts, power, average watts, etc??? Remember that “I’m sooo glad I came” feeling when you left a class? Wasn’t it a wonderful feeling? Well we want to see your shiny faces again and we want you to experience that wonderful sense of accomplishment again. 

Please take us up on our invitation, meant for YOU, our friends and family, to ride at All 4 Fitness at 41 John Street (Union Blvd) in Babylon 11702. Tell Peter you are InMotion’s friends and family and he’ll not only give you a FREE ride, but he’ll give you UNLIMITED cycling for ONE MONTH for just $39! 

And while you’re there, take a look at the full service gym and class schedule, the boot camp classes, the Eclectic Personal Training, the beautiful locker rooms with showers, and the babysitting room. 

We couldn’t be more excited to tell you about Peter’s generous offer to our friends and family. We are looking forward to reconnecting again at All 4 Fitness. Remember to introduce yourself to Peter, Dave, and Frank (no, not THE Frank) and the rest of the trainers. You will likely see familiar faces. 

Frank is teaching Tuesday’s at 6:30 pm, Thursday’s at 7pm, and Nancy can be found in the saddle at All 4 Fitness Saturday’s at 8 am, in addition to riding through town any given morning.

Welcome Back!


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