Where’s Frank, Nancy and those bikes???

Our previous post referenced our new location in BV. In retrospect, that post was misleading. Being a stickler for trying to carefully choose the right words, let me clarify.

We sold our Sayville house and home and closed InMotion. We moved our family to a new house and home in Babylon Village. We tried in vain to find a new home for our bikes as close to Sayville as possible and were hopeful about finding such a gym in both Patchogue and East Islip. Neither one materialized. Eventually, we found a new home for our bikes, and, eventually, a deal was struck. That part sort of dragged on and on. Coincidently, the gym was in BV.

In the meantime, Frank had begun teaching at a separate, unrelated, independent, legendary gym, also in BV. A few of our InMotion riders even tracked him down and came to his classes.  That was exciting, on several levels.

More recently, at the request of the owner at the bike-purchasing gym, Frank and Nancy were asked to teach there, and additionally, to train the staff on our bikes. That is where things stand currently. We have sold our bikes and are teaching on them.

When you don’t own the business, things don’t always happen the way they did previously or at the same pace. That’s just the way it is. Hence, the delay in announcing the following: We are teaching on our bikes at All4Fitness in Babylon Village. Questions? Ask for Peter.




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