Do You LOVE to EAT?!

warrens lettuceDo you ponder what you’re going to eat after cycling off those calories? Truth be told, we love to eat too. Our day revolves around what we’re going to eat next. And grazing? We graze all day long!
Speaking of grazing, now is the perfect time to think about what you graze on. Do you choose food from “the garden” or food from “the package”?  Are you unfamiliar with how easy it is to start and tend to a garden? Well then, you are in for a treat!


Read on for our “Hi, Gardener!” blog by Warren Bender, cyclist and local master gardener. It’s the first edition of the season and maybe it’s all you need to make this the year you graze freely from YOUR own garden!
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
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Well, getting there, anyway. I think I heard a robin, so it must be time to welcome back my readers for another season of vegetable gardening tips and pratfalls.

This column will be about starting your own little vegetables from seed.  Why bother, you may ask, when there is such a wonderful selection of ready to plant seedlings available at my local nursery and even Home Depot?

Here are several good reasons for growing your own vegetables from scratch:

(read more…)


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