January Newsletter

Welcome 2013!

What a year we’ve all had! Our most recent recollection is Hurricane Sandy. We all experienced a plethora of effects as individuals, families, survivors and community members- united in ways we’ve never seen before. As we look back to January, we opened our doors to eager riders on January 16. We’ve come a long way, learned a lot, offered you- our friends- a place to experience a personal connection while enjoying heart-pumpling workouts in a friendly, personal environment. We’ve done this while offering the extras like free bottled water and towels.
Personally, I am excited about the mere thought of 2013. Not because I love New Year’s but because it always holds much promise. Not the promises I should make, but the promise inherent in the newness of it all.
What are your promises? What is one thing you think you’d like to accomplish? Something for yourself, your family, the local community?
If fitness and nutrition are part of your plan, keep reading. You will find lots of good news here.
Nancy and Frank

New Time for Sat. am Music Video Class 

Frank’s popular Saturday morning music video class will now be at 8:30 am starting Jan. 5. If you haven’t tried one, you’re in for a real treat!
Sign up here.

FX 45 Resistance Training Series
This is the proven way to magnify your visible results! Combined with calorie-burning cycling and a nutrient-dense diet, the FX 45 series will strengthen and sculpt your sexy muscles, waiting to be discovered! Read more here. 

Weight Loss Challenge
Sign up now for the chance to CHANGE the DIRECTION of YOUR LIFE with InMotion Cycling Studio this year! Our Quick-Start  “Pedal Away the Pounds” 6-Week Weight Loss Challenge will take place Jan. 5 – Feb. 16.1) Pre- & post- evaluations

2) Two nutrition sessions with Nancy Bachety, trained culinary nutritionist, certified nutrition educator

3) Real-Food Tutor class

4) Pedal Away the Pounds Weight Loss Eating Plan designed specifically to help you achieve your goals

5) FX 45 Muscle Confusion series – total of 15  sessions

NEW! 3 options to join.  Read more details here or visit our website.

Register here.

Fit For Life Program
Whether you’re looking to take your fitness up a notch, or you want to add sexy definition to your muscles, or you’re ready to figure out how to improve your diet-dilemmas, then you’ll want to consider Fit For Life.Includes:

1) Pre- and post- evaluating

2) Nutrition session with Nancy Bachety, certified nutrition educator

4) Real-Food Tutor class

5) Fit For Life Eating Guide by The Real-Food Tutor

6) FX 45 Muscle Confusion series – total of 15 sessions

Read more details on our website or here.

Register here. 

Education Workshop Nutrition Series
All workshop classes are part lecture/part recipe. Watch, learn and hear how easy good nutrition REALLY is!$199 for 10 Weeks/$125 for 5 classes/ $30 single class

 Ten weeks of education and application of sound, nutritional principles you can put to use immediately. Read more details here.


In closing, we are looking forward to the promise of a new beginning, a new year, and making our local, downtown studio your destination for convenient, efficient and effective workouts.
InMotion Cycling Studio
63 Railroad Ave
Sayville , New York 11782

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