Something to think about. Where do you fit in???

Positive and Negative Thinking Habits

Are you making your health and fitness a priority?

What You’re Thinking Quitter’s Thinking Successful Thinking
I don’t want to workout today. I quit I’ll just do a warm up. If I still don’t want to exercise, I’ll stop.
This song is overplayed. I quit Maybe I’ll try really listening to the lyrics.
I’m too stressed out to exercise. I quit I’ll feel more relaxed if I get in a quick workout
I missed my last few workouts, why bother? I quit I’ve gotten off track, but I’m ready to get started again. I’ll be back to where I was in no time.
I haven’t lost a single pound. I quit If I quit now, I’ll never see long-term results.
I don’t have time. I quit I’ll do what I can until things slow down. Something is always better than nothing.

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